Commercial and Residential Property Manangement / Landscape Design and Installation
Keep It Green Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping, Monroe CT
Meeting positive expectations of home owners and commercial property managers for over 25 years, Keep It Green has provided complete services of lawn maintenance – from a weekly mowing service, to an organic fertilization program that suits your lawn's needs — add lawn nutrients for a greener, healthier and beautiful lawn.
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Maintenance Specialists
  • Fertilization Programs
  • Weed & Insect Control
  • Tick Sprays
Keep It Green Lawn Maintenance also offers spring and fall cleanups , shrub maintenance-including pruning and fertilizing programs for your shrubs. To eliminate the risk of lyme disease, we also offer tick sprays.

Get rid of unwanted weeds in your lawn. Using the latest (IPM) Integrated Pest Management methods ,we are licensed to use pesticides when and where needed, to eliminate weeds in your lawn, and also to get rid of unwanted insects in your lawn.

Eliminate the risk of grub damage to your lawn before it happens, with a once a year, preventative application for (Japanese beetle larvae), commonly known as the white grub.We also treat for sod webworm, chinchbug and other common insects that may harm your lawn.